Няма намерени резултати


At MC MARKOVS we work with the largest and most prestigious laboratories in Bulgaria, which allows us to offer a wide range of diverse laboratory tests.


At MC MARKOVS blood and urine can be taken for hematology (blood group, complete blood count, blood sugar profile, etc.), biochemistry, coagulation, immunology, hormonal tests, tumor markers, vitamins, metabolites, urinalysis and many others.


At MC MARKOVS results of highly specialized tests such as cytology, microbiological examination of vaginal (or other) smear, uroculture, histological examination after targeted biopsy, etc. can be received. At MC MARKOVS we perform first trimester combined biochemical screening for chromosomal fetal abnormalities and pre-eclampsia.


At MC MARKOVS we offer non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) as an effective screening tool for chromosomal fetal abnormalities.


At MC MARKOVS we perform invasive prenatal diagnosis (chorion villous sampling and amniocentesis) with subsequent specialized genetic analysis - cytogenetic (chromosomal) analysis, DNA analysis, chromosec, exclusion of microdeletion syndromes, monogenetic diseases, etc.


Each patient at MC MARKOVS receives personalized health care and secure online access to their results in the shortest possible time.