Няма намерени резултати


Neonatology (neo = new, natal = birth, logos = science) is a subspeciality within pediatrics which focuses on the treatment and care of the newborn (children between 0 and 1 years old are called newborns).


Most newborns are healthy and overall in a good condition and they can be followed up by a pediatrician.


Premature newborns, however, especially those with low (<2500 grams) or extremely low birthweight, require specialized outpatient follow-up by a neonatologist. This is due to the high incidence of specific for these babies complications (broncho-pulmonary dysplasia, anemic syndrome, neurological problems, feeding problems, etc.) that require a highly specialized neonatal care.


Antenatal consultation with a neonatologist is highly recommended in all cases where premature delivery is expected due to various pregnancy complications. This way, the parents can understand the extent of the intensive care needed postnatally and can adapt easily later to otherwise a difficult reality.



The examination of the newborn by a neonatologist can only be performed in the presence of one of the parents and it generally includes:


  • Patient history (the parents are asked to describe the course of pregnancy, risk factors, gestational age at birth, mode of delivery, etc.);
  • Consultation based on existing documents (hospital documents from the neonatology or intensive care unit, clinical and laboratory results, etc.);
  • Physical status and neurological development of the newborn;
  • Instrumental examination - transfontanelle (through the large fontanelle) or abdominal ultrasound scan, etc.;
  • In selected cases, additional echocardiography (ultrasound examination of the child's heart) performed by a pediatric cardiologist is indicated and recommended.
  • Plan further assessment and treatment if needed.

The team of neonatologists at MC MARKOVS reviews each case individually, according to the specificity of the condition and the need for further investigation or monitoring.


Some of the most experienced neonatologists from the leading clinics in Bulgaria and experts in intensive neonatal care work at MC MARKOVS.


For more information regrding the possibilities of having a consultation and examination by a neonatologist, please ask your doctor or call at the registration desk.