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Clinical Gynecology

Clinical Gynecology

Uterine curettage

Uterine curettage (abrasion) is a small gynecological operation, which is performed under short-term general intravenous anesthesia in a specially equipped operating room by a specialist gynecologist, in the presence of an anesthesiologist.



Uterine curettage (abrasion) is performed in cases where a conservative approach cannot be used to establish the diagnosis.


Due to its minimally invasive nature and the possibility of adequate analgesia, the procedure is associated with minor discomfort and does not significantly disrupt the patient's usual daily life. The stay in the medical facility is several hours.


Uterine curettage

After thorough disinfection, the depth of the uterine cavity (hysterometry) and dilation of the cervical canal are assessed. This is followed by revision of the contents of the uterine cavity using a special tool (curette).


If necessary, the mucous membrane of the cervix is also curetted beforehand (separated trial abrasion). The obtained material is sent for histological examination.


Indications for uterine curettage can be different:

  • Irregular uterine bleeding;
  • Thickened uterine lining (hyperplasia);
  • Removal of benign formations (polyps, etc.);
  • Cleaning of the uterine cavity after spontaneous or induced abortion, cluster pregnancy, etc.

For more information about the possibilities and necessity of performing uterine curettage at MC MARKOVS, you can contact your attending physician or call at the registration desk.