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Medical cosmetics

Manual cleansing

The medical manual cleansing of the face or the back is the first important step to having healthy and radiant skin.


Regular deep cleaning of the skin removes excess sebum and impurities. This is an effective method against the appearance of acne and enlarged pores.


The purpose of manual cleansing is to prevent the formation of secondary comedones, papules and pustules.


As a result of the procedure, the skin pores tend to shrink, while the inflammation and the post-acnetic scars to decrease.


According to the indications (damaged skin, milia, acne, etc.) and the specific characteristics of your skin, the specialist in medical cosmetics will use various types of suitable preparations in a sterile working environment.


The effect is immediate - the skin becomes visibly cleaner, smoother, with improved turgor and relief.


The recovery period depends on the type of cleaning and the specifics of the skin condition. After the end of the procedure, slight redness and swelling disappear within a few hours, and you can use make-up the next day.


For more information and consultation in order to discuss the possibilities of performing manual cleaning of your face or back, you can contact our specialist in medical cosmetics or call at MC MARKOVS.