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Hysteroscopy at MC MARKOVS



We are happy to announce that at MC MARKOVS we now have the latest generation hysteroresectoscope.


Hysteroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure during which a camera is introduced transvaginally in order to visualize the uterine cavity. This allows a precise inspection and performance of a number of small surgical interventions under direct visual guidance - removal of polyps, submucosal myomas, mucosal hyperplasia, intrauterine adhesions or septums, displaced IUD, etc.


Hysteroscopy usually requires a short stay at MC MARKOVS, without hospitalization and it does not seriously disturb your daily routine.

Hysteroscopy at MC MARKOVS

The experienced specialists at MC MARKOVS perform both diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy.


For more information about hysteroscopy at MC MARKOVS you can visit our website or make a phone call at the center.