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Biochemical screening

prenatal screening
for chromosomal abnormalities
and pre-eclampsia

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High sensitivity
of prenatal screening
for chromosomal

Fetal Anatomy Scan

With us
fetal anatomy scanning
is turned into
a piece of art

Fetal echocardiography

prenatal diagnosis
of fetal cardiac

2D, 3D and 4D Ultrasound

From the pioneers
of fetal anatomy
in Bulgaria

Prenatal care

Pregnancy follow-up

Gynecological exam

PAP smear

Vaginal tightening

The first
device Sectum
in Bulgaria

Dermatological consultations

Laser therapy

Esthetic procedures

Dermal fillers
Laser therapy



At MC MARKOVS we are medical professionals and not media celebrities. We quietly treat and help our patients, far away from the spotlight. This is our guarantee for contemporary and personalized medical care.

“I would like to share my positive feedback from today's second fetal anomaly scan with Prof. Markov! ” Antonina H.
“An amazing medical center where you will be welcomed with a smile and will be treated with excellent care by top medical professionals!” Vili P.
“I just had my first early fetal anatomy scan with Dr Pavlova at MC Markovs. She is really a good professional, explaining everything to the smallest detail!” Antonia T.
“Exceptional place, very clean and convenient, with top professionals! ” Dimiter N.
“I will never find the words to say how much I want to thank you! You are one of the people to whom I owe my whole world! I only pray for your health! You just have all the rest!!!” Boriana D.
“Dr Sapundzhieva is really an amazing doctor!” Greta K.
“Bravo, you are all great! The greatest, all the best to all the doctors in the clinic! Prof. Markov is really special! I wish you good luck!” Mariana I.
“Today I had a fetal anatomy scan with Dr. Pavlova and I am extremely satisfied. The examination was thorough and complete, so you don't need to ask any questions. As for the clinic - it is extremely clean, with kind and smiling staff. I recommend with both my hands.” Genoveva E.
“I give 5* after the fetal anatomy scan with Dr. Ivelina Dimitrova. The examination was thorough, everything was explained to us in detail, she had a great attitude and tried to get us good pictures. I would visit again!” Krasimira K.
“Today I had a fetal anatomy scan with doctor Atanasova. I am extremely satisfied! Calm, explaining every single moment of the scan, very kind and smiling. A great professional! I felt in the right hands and it definitely gave a me peace of mind. I definitely recommend Dr. Atanasova!” Tsvetelina P.
“I was quite satisfied with today's examination by Dr. Dimov. This a young and great doctor. He took his time, explained everything during my an annual prophylactic gynecological check up. It's clear that he loves his job. I wish you all the best, Doctor!!” Svetoslava I.
“This is the first time that I enter in such a modern and clean clinic. I was super satisfied with the attitude, information, service, in one word, EVERYTHING. I recommend it!” Емануела К.
“I am extremely satisfied with the professional attitude of the whole team! A friendly welcome and reception, minimum waiting time, but first of all personal attitude and professional competence of Prof. Markov! A well-deserved authority in his specialty! Thank you!” Vania B.
“The organization and the clinic is nice. Dr. Marinov is great. He is calm and explains everything in the smallest detail.” Ziyde
“I visited the clinic for the first time. The interior is beautiful, there is a lot of space and place to wait. Friendly reception staff. Doctor Ivanov, a dermatologist, does not rush during the examination, he is attentive, pleasant, explains a lot and gives comprehensive answers to all questions. The clinic has the necessary equipment for a detailed examination. I recommend!” Natalia P.
“I am extremely satisfied with the examination by Dr. Yoncheva. She listened carefully to my symptoms, examined my documentation, explained why she wanted to approach my case in a particular way. I am satisfied with the recommendations that I received, with the attitude and the attention. I recommend!” Violina M.
“Dr Nikolova is a lovely young lady. Very competent and true professional. As a bonus, she is very kind and patient. I recommend!” Милена Б.
“An excellent doctor and an outstanding professional, Dr. Raykov. Positive, reassuring, progressive and with huge experience. The only doctor who diagnosed after a minute of scanning a problem that might have been vital for the normal pregnancy development and the ovarian reserve preservation, which had remained undetected by previous doctors (for 47 years)????❤” Tsvetanka Y.
“We would like to express our excellent impression of Dr. Mladenov and his examination on my elderly father-in-law. Responsive, concerned, attentive. Obviously competent, outstanding professional. Heartfelt thanks!” Nikolay G.
“I would like to share my positive review of the professional work of Dr. Zhekova. The doctor was extremely thorough and attentive during the examination. Despite the tight schedule, she accepted me on time. Doctor Zhekova provided a reasonable professional opinion about my medical condition.” Milva M.
“No matter how many times I write down a comment, it will not be enough to express my gratitude about the attitude and professionalism of Dr. Uzunova. Today was my son's first vaccinations and she administered them with easy, without putting me or my child into stress. Dr Uzunova is very kind and empathic, she gives simple directions and looks for straightforward solutions to problems. Thank very you!” Ivona Z.
“I am delighted with Dr. Baykova's strictly individual approach to my particular case. I expect good results with the prescribed regimen. I trust her completely and I am convinced that we will achieve an excellent result together.” Maria Y.
“Dr. Sapundjieva is a great, kind and attentive doctor. She immediately determined the correct diagnosis and prescribed the necessary treatment, explaining in detail the possible causes and prevention. The treatment was gentle and appropriate for my daughter's age.” Valentina P.
“I am extremely impressed by the professionalism, experience, attitude and the way he works in general! She is great, I can only say superlatives about Dr. Raycheva's work !!!❤️” Kameliya A.
“Doctor Popova is extremely attentive. She predisposes easily the patient, explains everything in detail and tries to solve the medical problem in the fastest and the most patient-friendly way. A great professional with alure and wonderful attitude towards the patient!” Nadezhda V.
“I have been a patient of Dr. Slavov for years. I highly recommend.” София Б.
“I am very satisfied with the examination by Dr. Vasileva. He has a good attitude towards children. She managed to predispose my daughter so that she did not cry and was not afraid during the examination. At the same time, she reviewed everything carefully and thoroughly.” Zhana P.
“Dr. Stoikova is more than comprehensive, a true professional and specialist in her field. I am feeling always relaxed and in good hands when I am in her consultation room.” Anna K.
“A rare combination of professional competence, attention and dedicated approach to the patient. The examination always passes imperceptibly with the precision and skilful attitude of Dr. Savcheva. She is a person who deserves both trust and deep respect.” Detelina G.
“I am very satisfied with the examination by Dr. Diana Kostova! Extremely kind and attentive as a person and an excellent specialist! I highly recommend! She gave me a thorough examination, explained everything in detail and was friendly and helpful during the whole time! A heartful thank you!” Maya H.
“Dr. Stankova is very attentive, kind and tactful. She examined me thoroughly and gave helpful advicе. Overall, her whole attitude was professional and human! I recommend her to everybody with both hands!” Zornitsa I.
“A great professional. I have never had such a comprehensive, pleasant and adequate examination before. Very calm, competent and understanding doctor, I am impressed and fascinated. I have recommended to all my friends and I hope that more ladies will trust Dr. Stankova. You are great, doctor!!!” Elina A.
“I highly recommend Dr. Dimitrova to any pregnant lady who is looking for a thorough fetal morphology scan. She explained everything in detail, reviewed and checked the baby as long as necessary and she answered to all of my questions. I went to see her in order to get a completely independent opinion, which was the most comprehensive and in-depth I'd had at several hospitals. The equipment is at a very high level, as is her expertise. If any lady at the beginning of her pregnancy wonders where to go, this c” Petya S.
“Today I had a fetal morphology scan with dr. Pavlova and I am extremely satisfied. The check-up was very thorough and she explained everything so well that you didn't need to ask any questions. And the clinic is extremely clean and with very kind and smiling staff. I recommend with both my hands.” Genoveva E.
“We visited MC Markovs for early FM scan and biochemical screening, our appointment was with doctor Pavlova. Very kind, predisposing, reassuring, she explained everything in great detail and answered all my questions. The examination was thorough, several times checking everything related to the baby. Surely, the second FM scan will also be with her!” Maria-Magdalena V.
“I am absolutely fascinated by the attitude, professionalism and concern from the moment I walked in. Sincere thanks and I will recommend in the future.” Dora D.
“Dr. Raikov is a real angel, a man with a capital "M"! An exceptional professional, the most attentive and precise doctor I have ever come across! Thanks for the attitude, keep continue to help people to achieve their dreams to have а healthy baby!” Irina A.
“Dr. Zaoui is always extremely professional, polite and accommodating. He explains everything to the patient, answers to questions and never rushes through the examination. I highly recommend him.” Ekaterina T.
“Wonderful attitude, extremely detailed and comprehensive exam. My daughter is 2.8 years old and Dr. Tomova was able to predispose her right away. Thanks a lot!” Katerina K.
“The examinations by Dr Uzunova are a pleasure to attend. She administers vaccines with ease, with no stress what so ever for the child or the parents. A great person and a doctor!!!” Ivona Z.
“A perfect examination once again! She listens to you, pays attention and shows respect and understanding. Thank you, Dr. Popova!” Diana Z.
“Dr. Popova is extremely attentive and patient. She explained everything in great detail without rushing through the exam. A great professional. I recommend her and the medical center. Everyone is very kind and smiling.” Nina M.
“Prof. Mladenov is a friendly, competent and attentive doctor. He examined me thoroughly and identified my problem. He speaks German very well. The clinic is very modernly equipped. I can only recommend him.” Frank N.
“A wonderful specialist with a very attentive attitude. She explains everything in an easy to understand language, gives clear and precise recommendations for future actions. The waiting is definitely worth it! I highly recommend Dr. Stoykova” Ventsislava S.
“Great professional, attentive, thorough in the examination! I had wonderful impressions from the examination by Dr. Dimitrova and would definitely recommend her to friends who are looking for a real specialist in fetal morphology! Thank you!” Vladislava V.
“Doctor Uzunova is a wonderful person and a true health professional! We are incredibly lucky to have had our little baby being followed up by such an amazing doctor with a huge heart, commitment to work and unmatched medical expertise!” Mila M.
“I had an appointment with Dr. Slavov in regard of prospective birth planning. I was impressed by his calm manners and thorough examination! He gave me hope and a certain degree of confidence! I highly recommend!” Stilyana I.
“Dr. Sapundjieva is an extremely good specialist. I went to the office unprepared, I didn't have all the tests at hand, but she patiently waited for me to find everything. Despite my delay, she remained calm and explained in detail where the problem was coming from.” Nadya M.
“A wonderful DOCTOR! Young, but nevertheless the only one who solved a long-standing problem that the greatest experts could not. In addition to being competent, she is very human and explains everything in detail, sincerely and thoroughly! I will only go to her! Thank you, Dr. Tomova!” Yulia A.
“Dr. Mladenov uses modern medical equipment, explains everything carefully and doesn't overdo the examination, I would certainly visit him again, if needed.” Ilya T.
“I have great first impressions from Dr. Tomova! I visited her for a second opinion and it was worth it. She approached the problem carefully and found some gaps in my previous treatment. I recommend her wholeheartedly and I thank her!” Denitsa M.
“I have done two fetal morphology scans, with Prof. Markov and with Dr. Pavlova, and I am extremely satisfied. They explain and show everything in detail and have great ultrasound equipment.” Martina Georgieva
“I did two fetal morphology scans with Prof. Markov at 19 and 30 w.g. I am impressed by the thorough examination, the attention and patience he spent throughout the examination. He described and explained everything he saw. His predictions of my baby's development turned out to be quite accurate. Apart from being a very good professional, Prof. Markov impressed me with his attitude - kind, attentive and welcoming.” Srebrina M.
“I would like to share my positive evaluation of my second fetal morphology examination today with Prof. Markov! First of all, it is impressing how well-mannered and positive-minded he is as a person. He greeted me politely and with a smile, an attitude which you do not see from many of his colleagues. The examination was thorough, with detailed information of everything he saw on the screen, with questions about whether everything was clear to me, resp. with a willingness everything to be explained again. V” Antonina H.

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