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Аesthetic Dermatology

Аesthetic Dermatology

Aesthetic consultation

The aesthetic consultation by a qualified and experienced dermatologist is carried out in order to make an individual assessment of the condition of your skin and to discuss the potential possibility of its treatment.


This consultation represents the first very important and decisive step before performing any dermatological procedure.


In this way, it is guaranteed to the maximum extent that the recommended manipulations will meet your expectations, needs and aesthetic taste.


Aesthetic consultation

An aesthetic dermatology consultation usually proceeds as follows:


  • Patient Objective and Concerns: You will have the opportunity to discuss your specific cosmetic and dermatological concerns, whether it is the appearance of wrinkles, loss of volume, uneven skin texture, and more. You will also share your goals and expectations as a result of the procedure.
  • Medical History and Skin Assessment: You will be asked about your past medical history, current medications, allergies, previous cosmetic procedures, etc. Your dermatologist will evaluate your skin condition, facial anatomy, and other related factors to determine the most appropriate aesthetic procedures for you.
  • Personalized Treatment Plan: Based on your concerns, goals and clinical skin assessment, the healthcare professional will create a personalized treatment plan. This plan may include one or a combination of procedures to achieve an optimal outcome.
  • Price and duration of the individual plan: You will receive detailed information on the price of the recommended procedures and an estimate of the number of sessions and the time interval required for their implementation. You will receive detailed instructions for pre- and post-procedure care, as well as an expected timeline for results.
  • Informed Consent: In the event you choose to have a certain aesthetic procedure, you will be provided with written informed consent forms to sign that detail the nature of the procedure, potential risks, benefits, etc.

An aesthetic consultation is an opportunity to develop an individual plan and personalized approach to treating skin problems that matches your goals while ensuring realistic expectations and a positive outcome.


For more information and consultation from a specialist in aesthetic dermatology in order to discuss the possibility of performing various aesthetic procedures at MC MARKOVS, you can contact your doctor or call at the registration desk.