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Аesthetic Dermatology

Аesthetic Dermatology

Lipolytic therapy

Injectable lipolytic therapy, also known as lipolysis, is a medical procedure aimed at reducing localized fat deposits in certain areas of the face and body. It involves injecting active substances that help break down fat cells.


There are different types of preparations that can be used for lipolytic therapy. One of the most common is a solution that contains phosphatidylcholine (PC) and deoxycholate (DC). These preparations disrupt the cell membrane of fat cells, which leads to their metabolism and elimination by the body's natural processes.


Lipolytic therapy

Areas of the face that are commonly treated with injectable lipolytic therapy are:

  • Chin - reduction of submental fat in cases with the so-called "double chin";
  • Jaw - reduction of fatty deposits along the jaw, in order to improve the definition of the face;
  • Cheeks – achieving a more compact and contoured mid-face appearance.

Like any other aesthetic procedure, lipolysis has its potential risks and side effects, including pain, swelling, bruising and the potential for an uneven result. The effect of lipolytic injection therapy may vary depending on the individual distribution and accumulation of fat in the treated area.


Before undertaking lipolytic therapy or any aesthetic procedure, it is advisable to consult a specialist in aesthetic dermatology. During this meeting, an individual assessment of your specific situation is made, guidance is given on the best treatment options, and the potential risks and benefits associated with the manipulation are discussed.


For more information and consultation from a specialist in aesthetic dermatology in order to discuss the possibility of performing lipolytic therapy at MC MARKOVS, you can contact your doctor or call the center.