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Аesthetic Dermatology

Аesthetic Dermatology

Dermal fillers

Non-surgical interventions are becoming increasingly popular as a method of anti-aging facial treatment.  


Injection of dermal fillers is the second most common non-surgical cosmetic procedure worldwide.


The global trend is to use less invasive procedures and nterventions in order to delay the natural aging process of the skin, as well as the damage caused by UV light and environmental factors.


The overall purpose is to eliminate or delay the need for corrective operative interventions.


Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are used in the treatment of volume deficiency, facial contouring and sculpting, as well as augmentation of specific anatomical locations such as the lips.


The number of injectable dermal fillers on the market is constantly increasing. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons periodically upgrade the possibilities for aesthetic corrections in order to ensure maximum safety and effectiveness of the procedures.


Dermal fillers differ in origin, duration of effect and rate of degradation (temporary, semi-permanent, permanent) and depth of injection (dermal, subcutaneous, supraperiosteal). Doctors using dermal fillers must have a thorough anatomical knowledge of the area to be treated. This is essential for safety, correct application and optimal aesthetic results.


Before any aesthetic correction, it is necessary to carefully discuss all the details of the procedure itself, the desired effects, the durability and the potential risks of the filler to be injected.


The choice of dermal filler, the injection technique and the applied volume are determined depending on the anatomical area, the type of defect, the desired effect and the experience of the specialist in aesthetic dermatology.


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