Няма намерени резултати


Anesthesia is a medical activity carried out by doctors specializing in Anesthesiology and intensive care. It eliminates the subjective feeling of pain during different diagnostic procedures and operative interventions.


The most common types of anesthesia used in clinical practice are general anesthesia, locoregional anesthesia and sedation.

  • General anesthesia is a medically induced and reversible withdrawal of patient's consciousness. It allows the performance of all types of operative interventions.
  • Locoregional anesthesia is the absence of pain and sensitivity in a certain body area while the patient remains conscious. It is most often performed by injecting medical products - local anesthetics around the nerve pathways.
  • Sedation is achievement of psycho-emotional comfort while maintaining patient's consciousness with the help of specific medications. Sedation removes the subjective feeling of stress, reduces the feeling of pain and leads to indifferent attitude during the diagnostic procedures and operative interventions.

The anesthesiological team of MC MARKOVS can provide all types of modern anesthesia. Highly specialized anesthesiological methods such as locoregional anesthesia under real-time ultrasound guidance, provision of "awake state" airway patency by a flexible bronchoscope, neonatal and pediatric anesthesia, etc., may also be performed, if required.


The anesthesiological approach is individual, consistent with all medical standards. It is highly dependent on the type of surgery, patient characteristics, co-morbidities and therapy.


The most appropriate options and types of anesthesia are discussed in the course of a pre-anesthesiology consultation at MC MARKOVS, regarding all aspects of the pain relief before, during and after the surgical procedure.


The anesthesiology team provides constant physical presence and monitoring from admission to the operating theater until transfer to the post-operation room with fully restored consciousness and protective reflexes of the patient.


Mandatory before each anesthesia, a secure venous source (abocate) is placed on the patient and monitoring of the main vital functions and indicators (ECG, non-invasive blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation) is ensured with the help of a medical monitor.


All patients at MC MARKOVS can count on safe, reliable and safe anesthesia performed in accordance to all medical standards, combined with maximum physical and mental comfort.


For more information in order to perform a pre-anesthesiology consultation for a planned diagnostic procedure or surgical intervention at MC MARKOVS, you can contact your doctor or call at the registration desk.