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Prenatal care

Contemporary prenatal care is offered to all pregnant ladies in order to ensure the normal development of the pregnancy.


The first cosultation begins with the diagnosis of a normal intrauterine pregnancy. The follow-up continues with subsequent examinations (scans fetal anatomy sureveys, fetal echocardiography, etc.). Different laboratory and instrumental examinations (biochemical screening, non-invasive prenatal testing, cardiotocography etc.) are carefully planned. Eventually, preparation for the mode of delivery is discussed.


Finally, the prenatal care ends after the first 40 days in the postpartum period.


Prenatal care

We use at MC MARKOVS an individualized approach to monitor and follow up each single pregnancy. Our main objective is to effectively identify all women who are at high risk for developing the most common complications of pregnancy. Depending on the results of the different tests, the number and frequency of consultations in the prenatal care department is determined.


For more information about the possible follow-up packages in the prenatal care department of MC MARKOVS you can contact your doctor or call at the registration desk.