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Diagnosis of pregnancy

The diagnosis of pregnancy is usually performed by means of an urine test which can be purchased at any pharmacy or at MC MARKOVS.


The urine test should be done at earliest 20 days after the presumed date of conception or at least 7 days after the missing last menstrual period.


If the test is used too early, it may be associated with inaccurate or contradictory results.


In such cases, it is recommended to repeat the urine test in about a week or to consult your doctor.


Diagnosis of pregnancy

After a positive urine test, an appointment with an obstetrician and gynecologist should be scheduled. During that consultation an ultrasound examination is usually performed which definitively confirms the presence of an intrauterine pregnancy.


The ultrasound examination has one important clinical advantage over the urine test - it provides valuable information about its location.


The intrauterine implantation of the gestational sac is of utmost importance for the normal development of the pregnancy.


Usually, a transvaginal ultrasound examination is necessary in order to assess properly the rapidly developing embryo.


The examination is performed on a gynecological chair or a couch and usually does not require any special preparation.

In selected cases your Ob&Gyn specialist may require further blood tests in order to confirm the normal development of the pregnancy. This is usually done when it is impossible to visualize the intrauterine gestational sac by ultrasound. After the results are received your will be advised on the appropriate further management of the pregnancy.


For more information about the possibility to diagnose your pregnancy and to exclude early possible complications you can contact your doctor at MC MARKOVS or call at the registration desk.