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The Second Trimester Scan

The second trimtester scan is a comprehensive fetal anatomy assessment carried out by ultrasound at 18-23 w.g. (optimally at 20-22 w.g.) This is the second important ultrasound examination during pregnancy which allows a careful examination of all fetal organs and systems, incl. the fetal heart (so-called fetal echocardiography), as well as the brain, spine, face, limbs, etc.


The second trimester scan is mainly performed by 2D ultrasound. In the course of the examination, under certain conditions, 3D pictures or 4D videos may be taken. However, this is not the main objective of the scan.


Traditionally, the fetal heart, spine and face are difficult to be visualized in the first trimester. In addition, the fetal central nervous system (brain) develops rapidly throughout gestation.


For these reasons, the most important fetal anatomy scan during pregnancy is usually planned in the second trimester - between 18-23 w.g.


  • It is during this examination that most of the structural abnormalities of the fetus that can be diagnosed are excluded or established;
  • Then an additional ultrasound screening for chromosomal abnormalities of the fetus is performed, as well as an ultrasound screening for premature birth by measuring the length of the cervix;
  • In some cases, a Doppler examination of the blood flow between the mother and the fetus is indicated;
  • In overweight pregnant women, it is reasonable to schedule second-trimester fetal morphology examination after 22 w.g.

We offer to all our patients at  MC MARKOVS all three highly specialized ultrasound examinations for the assessment of fetal morphology at different stages of pregnancy. Examinations are performed in a comfortable environment with quality ultrasound equipment by highly qualified specialists.

For more information about the possibilities of performing an ultrasound examination of the fetal morphology in the second trimester at MC MARKOVS, you can contact your doctor or call at the registration desk.