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Screening for preterm delivery

Preterm delivery occurs at least two weeks before the expected due date. It significantly increases the perinatal morbidity and mortality in all developed countries of the world.


The ultrasound assessment of the cervical length is an effective screening tool for risk assessment of preterm delivery.


The examination is an important component of the fetal anatomy scan in the second and third trimester of pregnancy since prenatal screening for preterm delivery is one of the main objectives of modern prenatal care.


Obviously, the longer the cervix, the lower the risk for premature delivery. On the contrary, the risk increases progressively with shortening of the cervical length.


Ultrasound measurement of the cervical length is usually carried out during the fetal anatomy scan at around 20 w.g. It can be performed transabdominally and/or transvaginally. The latter approach is significantly more accurate. In most cases, the initial assessment is performed transabdominally and if indicated, a transvaginal scan is carried out. Before 16 w.g. the examination has no practical value.


Attention: A short cervical length of less than 2.5 cm is associated with an increased risk for preterm delivery. This sonographic finding requires further investigation.


We offer to all our patients MC MARKOVS an ultrasound measurement of the cervical length in all cases during the fetal anatomy scan in the second and third trimester of pregnancy. For more information you can ask your doctor at MC MARKOVS or call at the registration desk.