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Doppler ultrasound

The Doppler examination is a highly specialized echographic examination that evaluates the characteristics of the blood flow in the pregnant woman and the fetus.


Through it, women are identified who have a higher risk of developing some late complications of pregnancy - increased blood pressure, delayed fetal growth rate, etc.


It is performed at different gestational periods by a qualified specialist with modern ultrasound equipment.


No prior special preparation on the part of the pregnant woman is necessary.


Usually, Doppler examination is an integral part of the ultrasound examination of fetal morphology. In its course, the operator determines which of the Doppler types will be used according to the indications.


In addition, in some cases with chronic fetal distress, Doppler examination helps to select and refine the correct obstetric behavior.


  • All cases with a high-risk pregnancy and danger of fetal suffering (pre-eclampsia, diabetes mellitus, Rh-isoimmunization, congenital thrombophilia, etc.) are monitored by Doppler examination;
  • Color Doppler examination can also be used in the diagnosis of some structural abnormalities of the fetus, abnormalities of the placenta and umbilical cord, etc.;
  • Pulse Doppler is used to assess the blood flow of the mother, the fetus, in fetal echocardiography, etc. It also provides prenatal screening for fetal anemia in cases of Rh-incompatible pregnancy.

We offer to all our patients at  MC MARKOVS the full range of Doppler examinations during pregnancy. Examinations are performed in a comfortable environment with high-quality ultrasound equipment by highly qualified specialists.


For more information about the need to perform a Doppler examination in the different gestational periods, you can contact your doctor at MC MARKOVS or call at the registration desk.