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The Third Trimester Scan

The third trimester scan is a comprehensive fetal anatomy assessment carried out by ultrasound at 28-32 w.g. (optimally around 28-30 w.g.) This is the third most important ultrasound examination during pregnancy. Gradually, the size of the fetus increases, allowing easier diagnosis of some rare and/or small structural anomalies. On the other hand, some structural defects have a priori late clinical onset and can only be diagnosed in the third trimester.


The fetal anatomy scan at 28-32 w.g. is usually performed by 2D ultrasound. In the course of the examination and under certain conditions, 3D pictures or 4D videos may be taken. However, this is not the main objective of the examination.


  • In addition to an ultrasound evaluation of the fetal anatomy, the rate of fetal growth and development is additionally determined, through the so-called fetal biometrics;
  • The amount of amniotic fluid, placenta and umbilical cord is assessed;
  • During the examination, a Doppler examination of the blood flow in the maternal-fetal and feto-placental circulation is performed;
  • However, due to advanced gestational age, significant bone calcification, and often unfavorable fetal position, third-trimester ultrasound has its limitations.

We offer to all our patients at MC MARKOVS the tree specialized ultrasound examinations for fetal anatomy assessment in the first, second and third trimester. All scans are performed in a comfortable environment with quality ultrasound equipment by highly qualified health professionals.


For additional information about the possibilities to perform the third trimester scan at MC MARKOVS, you can contact your doctor or call at the registration desk.