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Obstetric examination

The obstetric examination is an objective clinical survey in which a complex assessment of the pregnancy is performed. It is usually planned after a missing last menstrual period and a positive urine pregnancy test.


The obstetric examination may differ to a certain degree according to the gestational period at which it is performed.

In general, the obstetric examination can be divided into several components:

  • Patient history - a conversation with the pregnant lady, during which the past obstetric and gynecological history is evaluated (number and mode of previous deliveries, previous pelvic surgery, etc.) and the presence of some risk factors is assessed (accompanying diseases, harmful habits, etc.);
  • Measurement of some anthropometric parameters - pulse rate, blood pressure, height and weight (body mass index), fundal height, abdominal circumference, etc.;
  • Specialized obstetric examination.


The specialized obstetric examination is performed on a gynecological chair or couch and it usually includes:

  • Examination of the vaginal walls and the exocervix with a speculum (instrument for inspection);
  • Microscopic and microbiological examination of the vaginal discharge;
  • Colposcopy (optional);
  • Pap smear (optional) – usually in early gestation;
  • Ultrasound examination (optional);
  • Objective assessment of the cervix by digital examination and/or by transvaginal ultrasound (optional);
  • Measurement of uterine height and abdominal circumference (in advanced gestation);
  • Evaluation of the fetal heart beats using an obstetric stethoscope or a Dop-tone;
  • Cardiotocography in advanced gestation.

We offer to all our patients at MC MARKOVS the full range of tests for objective assessment of the pregnancy.


All examinations are carried out by qualified health professionals in a comfortable environment with high-quality medical equipment.


For more information about the possibility for an objective evaluation of your pregnancy at MC MARKOVS, you can contact your doctor or call at the registration desk.