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Clinical Gynecology

Clinical Gynecology

Gynecological examination

The main objective of the prophylactic gynecological examination is to obtain a comprehensive assessment of the woman's gynecological status.


It is performed by a gynecologist, usually in the first few days after the regular menstrual period.


The gynecological check up should be planned and scheduled once per year and more often, if necessary.


Due to the nature of the examination, it is reasonable for ancillary medical personnel to be present during the examination.


Gynecological examination

A standard gynecological examination is usually performed on a gynecological chair and normally includes:

  • Examination of the vulva;
  • Examination of the cervix with a speculum (an instrument for visualization of the cervix);
  • Assessment of the vaginal discharge - microscopic and/or microbiological (optional);
  • Colposcopy (optional);
  • PAP smear (optional);
  • Digital assessment of the cervix, uterus and adnexa (optional);
  • Transvaginal and transabdominal ultrasound (optional).

We offer to all our patients at MC MARKOVS the full range of gynecological examinations related to the assessment of a woman's gynecological status. All consultations are performed in a comfortable environment by trained professionals with high-quality medical equipment.


For more information about the possibilities of performing a prophylactic gynecological examination and make an appointment at MC MARKOVS you can contact your doctor or call at the registration desk.