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Clinical Gynecology

Clinical Gynecology

PAP smear

The PAP smear is a cytological examination of a sample from the outer surface of the cervix and the cervical canal, obtained during a normal gynecological examination.


The sample is fixed and sent to a specialized laboratory for evaluation by a certified pathologist.


By using staining techniques and microscopic examination, the pathologist makes a conclusion about the type and degree of changes in the cells that are located on the surface of the cervix and the beginning of the cervical canal.


The examination does not require any special preparation on your part.


PAP smear

It is usually performed in the first few days after the end of a regular period.


The results are usually ready within a few working days and are received personally by the patient after consultation with your doctor.


PAP smear
  • Regular PAP smear check-ups are directly related to the prevention of precancerous and cancerous diseases of the cervix;
  • Thus, it is possible to identify this particular group of women who has a higher risk of certain precancerous and cancerous changes in the cervix;
  • These screen-positive women are offered further in-depth clinical testing - colposcopy, targeted biopsy, etc.

The PAP smear classification of Papanicolau is the most commonly used in Bulgaria. According to it, PAP I and PAP II results are considered as "good", while PAP III A, III B, IV and V results are re-examined by a gynecologist specialist.


MC MARKOVS offers an adequate consultation by a qualified pathologist for all smears taken in the center. The tests are carried out in a comfortable environment with quality equipment by highly qualified specialists.


For more information on how and when to get a Pap smear at MC MARKOVS, you can contact your doctor or call at the registration desk.