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Clinical Gynecology

Clinical Gynecology


A targeted biopsy is a highly specialized examination in which a tissue (biopsy) is taken from a affected area of the cervix using a special tool (biopsy forceps) under constant visual control through a colposcope.


The examination is performed on a gynecological chair by a specialist obstetrician-gynecologist.


No prior preparation on the part of the patient is necessary.


The procedure is associated with slight discomfort - slight pinching when taking the sample and does not require additional anesthesia.



The biopsy taken from the atypical area of the cervix is sent to a specialized laboratory for histological examination (under a microscope) by a pathologist.


The result form the histological examination is obtained in about a week. The subsequent therapeutic action is based on this information.


For more information about the possibility to perform a targeted biopsy at the MC MARKOVS, you can contact your doctor or call at the registration desk.