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Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology

Consultation by a clinical psychologist after childbirth

Not everything in life happens always the way we have wanted, imagined, read or seen in the movies.


The advent of the new little family member often confuses our ideas and dreams about "the ideal baby", "the perferct parents", etc.


There are no such definitions as "good" and "bad parents", even though the modern "ideal" world wants us to believe that they actually do exist.


Physical fatigue, personal drama, complicated family and social environment, etc. these are all prerequisites for unlocking different forms of mental suffering in any of the family members.


Consultation by a clinical psychologist after childbirth

Physical fatigue, personal history, family and social environment, the trials that every married couple is faced with are prerequisites for unlocking various forms of mental suffering such as postnatal depression, worries about the health of the baby, feelings of guilt, insomnia, panic attacks, etc. .


All this, in turn, can affect the upbringing and upbringing of your child. Because only love is not always and only enough.


To the many questions to which we cannot always find a conscious and logical answer, we will try to help you with our psychologist consultant.


For more information about the possibility of receiving professional support and advice from a psychologist at MC MARKOVS, you can contact your doctor or call at the registration desk.