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Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology

Consultation by a clinical psychologist with adolescents

Ah, juniors!


Patrick Delaroche, a child psychiatrist writes that adolescence is not understood, but must be endured.


Adolescence is a period of change, a bridge between childhood and adulthood.


It begins and ends violently... and puts parents to great tests.


Consultation by a clinical psychologist with adolescents

Opposition, sensitivity, temper are only part of the psychological maturation necessary for the individuation, independence and separation of a person.


But it is also a very fragile and vulnerable period that young people go through with difficulty and pain. And so social withdrawal, changes in eating habits, drop in school grades, behavioral quirks and many more appear.


In these cases, consultation with a psychologist is desirable.


We offer to all our patients at MC MARKOVS various and specialized consultations with a psychologist for adolescents. For more information, contact your doctor or call at the registration desk.