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Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology

Consultation by a clinical psychologist with children

Modern parenthood faces enormous challenges on the long pathway of growing up and educating the children.


Many things in the family remained unspoken and unthought of, in the past.


Parents today freely pose lots of questions and seek the right answers regarding the development of their children.


Loving, nurturing, protecting and dressing your child is somehow easier.


Consultation by a clinical psychologist with children

However, helping him to grow up and become an independent, mature and independent person is not so simple.


And here it becomes clear that the role of the parent in the child's life is huge. Not by chance, the French pediatrician and psychoanalyst Françoise Dolteau wrote - "the child is a symptom of his parents".


Today, many parents seek a consultation with a psychologist when various symptoms appear in their child. Working with a psychologist is highly recommended for symptoms such as bedwetting (enuresis), anxiety, difficulties in adaptation, problems with speech, concentration and behavior, night terrors, phobias, hyperactivity, etc. Consultations with a psychologist are also relevant in case of separation of parents, loss of a loved one, etc. The search for the right answer and approach in such situations is determined by the great demands of the dynamic social environment in which we live.


We offer to all our patients at MC MARKOVS various and specialized consultations with a psychologist for you and your child. For more information, contact your doctor or call at the registration desk.