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Aesthetic Gynecology

Aesthetic Gynecology

Intimate fillers

Augmentation of the labia majora is a procedure that aims to increase the volume of the labia majora by injecting hyaluronic intimate filler.


The manipulation has an immediate and impressive effect, with a focus mainly on restoring the lost volume and symetry.


The choice of the product and the experience of the specialist are of fundamental importance.


Intimate fillers

In MC MARKOVS, Swiss hyaluronic hydrogel Intense rose with PEG crosslinker is used. The highest possible concentration of hyaluronic acid 28MG/ML and its cross-linking with PEG allow optimal biointegration, a maximally natural result and long-term retention of the product in the area of application.


The thermostability of the filler allows it to be used and combined with radio frequency (or other) energy. Usually 1-2 ml are placed in each labia. If a larger volume is desired, the procedure can be repeated after about a month.


For more information about the possibility of performing labia augmentation with an intimate filler at MC MARKOVS, you can contact your doctor or call at the registration desk.





Who is the procedure suitable for?

Patients with lost the labial volume because of age, weight loss, after childbirth and have sagging skin in this area Patients who have a very small amount of subcutaneous fat in the labia area (often in very thin patients or women in and around menopause) Patients who would like to improve the appearance, texture and density of the labia and to achieve a rejuvenating and good aesthetic result


Is the procedure painful?

No. The filler is placed under local anesthesia.


How long does the effect of the procedure last?

About 1 year


How many procedures are needed?

1 procedure


How long does the procedure take place?

About 20 minutes


Do I have to follow any regime after the procedure?

You can return to your daily activities immediately after the procedure
No sexual contact, visiting pools and baths within 7 days