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Aesthetic Gynecology

Aesthetic Gynecology

Autologous therapy

Autologous therapy is a term used to define a certain group of specific procedures used in aesthetic gynecology in which the patient's own cells or tissue is processed and improved extracorporeally and afterwards it is returned back into the patient's body.


The first and main objective is to improve the sexual sensation.


The second objective is to accomplish natural neoregeneration of the intimate area.


Autologous therapy

G-spot augmentation

G-spot augmentation is a procedure that is performed by a specialist in aesthetic gynecology. It aims to increase the size and sensitivity of a special nerve center (the so-called G-spot), which is located on the front vaginal wall. The precise injection of a carefully selected hyaluronic filler near the G-spot achieves its perceptible increase, resp. increases the frequency and strength of the female orgasm. All this is inevitably associated with a significant improvement in sex life.


O-spot augmentation

The term O-spot in the literature refers to the clitoris - the female erectile organ. The O-spot enlargement procedure consists of injecting a special intimate filler and/or own plasma near the body of the clitoris. In this way, one aims and achieves greater sexual pleasure and a stronger orgasm.


Vulvovaginal plasma therapy

Vulvovaginal plasma therapy (also known as PRP therapy) is an innovative method in which, after appropriate processing, a little of the patient's own plasma is injected into the intimate area and/or into the walls of the vagina. In this way, natural neo-regeneration of the tissues is achieved, as the plasma is extremely rich in platelets and numerous growth factors.


Vulvovaginal plasma therapy is used for vaginal dryness and painful intercourse, to improve the turgor of the skin of the labia and perineum (the so-called "vampire lifting"), as a follow-up procedure ("dressing") after vaginal rejuvenation by CO2 laser, etc. Growth factors in plasma can also be used for other treatment-resistant problems such as difficult-to-heal wounds as a result of various gynecological operations, treatment of painful cicatrixes (e.g. after episiotomy) or painful points after sling procedures, vaginal meshes, etc. . or simply to improve the quality of sex life.


For more information about the possibilities of conducting an examination by a specialist in aesthetic gynecology and performing any of the types of autologous therapy at MC MARKOVS, you can contact your doctor or call at the registration desk.