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Clinical Dermatology

Skin biopsy

Skin biopsy is an invasive diagnostic manipulation by which a small piece of skin is cut, which is then sent for specialized histological examination by a pathologist. The goal is to specify and refine the final diagnosis with a view to offering the most precise and adequate treatment.


Skin biopsy is usually done to diagnose various skin conditions and diseases - some inflammatory and/or infectious processes on the surface of the skin, distinguishing between benign and malignant skin formations, etc.


Performing a skin biopsy is carried out in several different ways:

  • Using a scalpel - the protruding surface part of the skin lesion is removed by cutting;
  • Punch-biopsy - using a special surgical tool (called a punch), a round-shaped skin sample is cut, and the resulting wound is closed with surgical suture. It is used for flat lesions at the level of the skin.
  • Incisional biopsy - excision with a scalpel of a part of the lesion, followed by closure with a surgical suture. It is used for large tumor-like changes.
  • Excisional biopsy - excision of the entire skin lesion with a scalpel and subsequent closure of the operative defect with a surgical suture. This technique is used for small tumor-like changes (moles, fibroids, small malignant tumors) that are subject to diagnostic clarification.

After the procedure the sample is placed into a container with formalin and is transported to a specialized laboratory for further assessment by a specialist pathologist.


A skin biopsy does not require any special preparation. It is important that your dermatologist be warned in case you are taking medications that are related to the blood clotting process (aspirin, heparin, etc.). In case of allergy to anesthetics (lidocaine, etc.), it is good to discuss this with the doctor before the procedure. In the presence of an existing pregnancy, the performance of a skin biopsy should be carefully specified.


For more information about the possibility of performing a skin biopsy by a specialist clinical dermatologist, you can contact your doctor or call MC MARKOVS.