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Clinical Dermatology

Clinical examination

Clinical dermatology is a discipline that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of problems of the skin, mucous membranes and its appendages. She studies the mechanisms of development of skin diseases and their clinical manifestations.


Making an accurate diagnosis in dermatology is based on a thorough consultation with a dermatologist, combined with a clinical examination and, if necessary, dermatoscopy and additional diagnostic tests.


During the initial clinical examination, the dermatologist is informed in detail about the nature of your dermatological problem.


Clinical examination

Comprehensive information is collected on the onset of appearance and dynamics of the skin lesion, on the treatment carried out and its influence by various factors (seasons, medications, food, etc.). The family anamnesis is actively taken and the proof or rejection of the hereditary nature of the skin entity is sought.


A clinical examination of the skin and mucous membranes follows. Additional tests are ordered at discretion.


After making a precise diagnosis, a therapeutic plan and a follow-up scheme are drawn up. If necessary, follow-up examinations are scheduled.


For more information about the possibility of performing a clinical examination and consultation by a specialist dermatologist at MC MARKOVS, you can contact your doctor or call at the registration desk.